Your wedding day is one of the biggest milestones of your lives together and your lives will forever be changed for the better because you decided to be the closest of companions for life. How wonderful is it that a day that is so important and pivotal can also be full of fun and joy and amazing memories? Definitely better than taking a final exam or a big job interview. You already know all this which is why it's important to you to protect and preserve those memories through professional photography and possibly even videography. With your head spinning all day at the wedding it's likely that you'll even get to relive moments that you don't remember or didn't get to experience first hand. 

After the wedding when your digital photos are delivered you'll probably share them in all kinds of ways, mostly online. Sharing photos in a digital format is something that's important to everyone these days, so many brides may ask themselves, "Why do I need an album?" 

• The wedding album tells your story! How often do you think you'll sit down at a computer and click through all 600-800 images? Not often? Though you definitely are glad you have them all, it can definitely be overwhelming. The album focuses on the highlights and adds a narrative and makes it much easier and more enjoyable to share when you can hold it in your hands instead having to stare at a computer screen. 


• The wedding album is a work of art! Now that everything gadget we own has a camera in it we take photos of everything but print little or nothing. Photos are meant to be printed, it seems like we've forgotten. If Brendon Pinola is your wedding photographer you can be assured that those photos will stand out far above the rest and definitely be worthy of being printed and displayed and appreciated all the time instead of just posted online and quickly forgotten. A professionally designed, high quality album is the perfect work of art to preserve your most cherished memories.

• The wedding album is your first family heirloom! When you album arrives at your home you'll be so excited! You'll pout over it again and again, even invite your friends and family over.  But the true value of your album will be clear many years later when you show it to your kids. Imagine showing them how amazing the wedding was, how young you both looked and telling them the story of how your family began. 

• The wedding album is built to last! Technology changes and outdates itself constantly. We don't even know if our computers will use DVDs in 10 years, can you imagine if your parent's wedding photos were delivered on a floppy disc instead of printed? Your prints and wedding album will be made with archival materials intended to last a lifetime. The images will not fade and neither will the memories.

• Lastly, you should have a wedding album because if you don't, you'll wish you had! I've never met anyone who regretted the decision to have an album made that was just as beautiful as the photos it contains and the memories and moments it shares.

My wedding albums are professionally designed, either with a straightforward "traditional" style or with a graphic-designed look that allows for more artistic input and a more seamless feel. See below.

ALL my albums are designed with top-of-the-line materials and are made to last the test of time. They all feature a lay-flat design so that no details get lost in the center binding. There are many options available to customize your wedding album to your taste from different colors and style of leather, different photo papers with different finishes, the overall size of the album and how many pages it contains and much more. 

If you have already purchased a package that includes an album credit send me an email if you have a question about what your credit will cover.

8x8 photo guestbook (22 pages (thin), 20 photos, leather cover, graphic designed layout) - $350
10x10 photo guestbook (22 pages(thin) 20 photos, leather cover, graphic designed layout) - $450
10x10 wedding album (30 pages (thin), 60 photos, leather cover, traditional layout) - $500
10x10 wedding album (40 pages (thick), 80 photos, choice of album cover, graphic designed style) - $1,000
12x12 wedding album (40 pages (thick), 100 photos, choice of album cover, graphic designed style, etched leather cover, gilded pages) - $1,250

*The price of additional pages varies by album type, design, size as well as paper type and page thickness.

Cover Options (scroll down for photo examples)
Standard Leather (free) Genuine Italian full grain leather. These moisture resistant leathers age beautifully with rich patina.
Distressed Leather (+$50) Genuine Italian full grain leather featuring unique variations with natural markings and are made to show to natural wear of daily use.
Pearlescent Leather (+$50) Genuine Italian full grain leather with a durable finish that is water and stain resistant.
Textured Leather (+$50) Genuine Italian patent leather featuring a reptile pattern with a high gloss finish.
Etched Leather (+$60) Create an amazing cover with one of our Etched leather patterns, available with Standard, Distressed and Pearlescent leathers.
Acrylic (+$175) Display the beauty of your photos inside and out. Your image is printed directly on the Acrylic. Cover available with standard, distressed, pearlescent and textured leather finished.

Printed Metal (+$175)  Present your image on our hand-cut metal cover. The printed metal cover is a truly one of a kind look. Cover available with standard, distressed, pearlescent and textured leather finished.
​Printed Wood (+$175) Grow your album offering with the natural beauty of a maple wood cover. Your images is printed onto the wooden surface, allowing the lovely wood-grain to shine through.
Linen (free)inquire for current color palatte
Cameo Photo Cover (+$50) Cameo covers feature an image window to highlight your favorite photos.
Custom Image (+$50) Your image is printed on canvas material which wraps the entire of the album. 

PAGE THICKNESS (all pages lay flat)
Thin (default) - prints are mounted on 1/32" board, offering a streamlined, modern look.
Thick (+$50) - prints are mounted on 1/16" board, offering a solid feel and high-end look. 

E-surface photo paper (default) - Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper is the most popular used by pro photographers.
Fuji Metallic w/ linen texture (+$25) Metallic Paper features a unique smooth surface with natural-looking flesh tones and sharp detail.
Classic Felt Press paper (free) One of the finest print papers made today. Archival, acid free, elemental chlorine free, 30% recycled content.
Fuji Deep Matte (+$50) The premier paper used by professionals. Tremendous visual impact, rich color, pure whites. Rated to last 200 years in dark storage or 100 years in home display. 

Finishing Options (+$50)
Lustre Coating - superior protection against fingerprints and UV exposure, which also visibly enhancing the look of your print.
Pebble Texture - an embossing texture provides a distinct appearance.
Fine Linen Texture - a slight alteration to the print's surface.
Linen Texture - a plate-applied embossed texture.

Rounded (free)

Gilding (only available on E-surface paper with square corners)
Gold, Silver, Black (+$40)

Foil Stamping - lower center or lower right of front cover (+$25) (Standard and Pearlescent leathers only)
Matte Gold
Matte Silver

Debossing on front cover 
Choose a sentimental title and add a date to the front cover with two lines of text (unavailable on etched, textured and cameo covers)

Graphite Album Box (free)
Wooden Album Box (+$100) The custom wooden box features a printed image or etched design on the wooden lid for a jaw-dropping album presentation. 



Standard  Leather: (all available for no additional charge)


Pearlescent Leather $50 charge

Distressed leather: (all available for a $50 fee)