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Caitlin and Todd were married at Stonebridge Farms in Cullman, AL on February 28th, 2015. The weeks surrounding their weather brought the craziest weather you'd ever see in Alabama. We had 40° temperature swings. Seventy one day, almost a foot of snow the next. Cullman got some of the most snow only days before the wedding and the sun hadn't been sighted in weeks it seemed. That wasn't the end of the trouble, the families of the bride and groom had several last minute emergencies even spilling over into the wedding day itself, but you would never have known it talking to the bride. She was rock solid, and nature must respect that because on the wedding day the sun came out, the temperature came up to short-sleeves levels (shorts and flip-flops for me when I'm not at a wedding) and the snow started to melt. This of course left the ground soggy and muddy but even with that Caitlin insisted that she would not shy away from going outside in her beautiful gown and as her photographer at her beautiful venue, I salute her bravery. Through it all the day went smoothly and a great time was had by all.

DJ: My Event DJ
Ceremony music / vocals: Amber Hayes
Car service: Apollo limo
Catering: Stonebridge Farms
Cakes: Dreamcakes / Cupcakes: Edgar's Bakery
Flowers: Stonebridge Farms
Wedding Dress: Bella's Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella's Bridal
Favors: Cupcakes - Edgar's Bakery / Cups - TheAmericanWedding
Decor: Stonebridge Farms (and mother of the bride )
Bridesmaid's Favors: Jewelry- BeYourselfJewerly on Etsy, Tumblers- Tervis


Brendon Pinola Photography
Thanks so much! Though it is my job to make the bride look her best in photos, I have to give some of the credit to Caitlin for being the complete opposite of a bridezilla. She handled the day so well and that always makes my job easier :-)
Jennifer H(non-registered)
As a friend and future sister in law, Caitlin glowed on her wedding day. I'm dating her brother and she is like a sister to me. Your pictures are incredible, absolutely gorgeous, you did an amazing job and watching you work was a pleasure.
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