Hey there! I'm Brendon and when I'm not photographing awesome weddings I'm with my wife Laura and our two sets of twins. Abby is 6-going-on-16 and Jackson is 6-going-on-Spiderman. Hannah and Leah are our brand new twin girls!


TGIF is totally different for me. Well, same words, different meaning. To you, it probably means "I've been working for the Man all week, can't wait for the weekend!" For me, it means "It's almost time for a wedding!" I truly have my dream job! I get to capture the awesome, epic, beautiful moments on the happiest day of someone's life - EVERY DAY! It's definitely not an easy job, but I wouldn't want to do anything else. I shot my first wedding in 2004, built upon the passion of that experience and moved into photojournalism full time in 2008. I limit myself to about 30 weddings a year and approach them all with every bit of focus and creativity that I have.


I believe that happy people make happy pictures. Having your photo taken doesn't have to be a drag. I work very quickly, but at the same time I always advise my brides during the scheduling process to allow plenty of time to have all their photos taken so that it doesn't dominate the whole wedding day or add any extra stress. What's the point of capturing memories if all the memories you have are of having your photo taken?! I've got an extremely dynamic personality and I keep things very upbeat to stimulate great candid moments, but I also balance that by being a "fly-on-the-wall" during the emotional times when the family is sharing a tender moment.


I'm a Canon guy! - I use only the best photography equipment available and I have a backup camera in case my primary goes down. I specialize in getting studio-calibre lighting results on-location. You can see extensive examples of my work in the galleries on my website. My shooting style is clean and vibrant. I want the photos to be timeless and perfect - the best case scenario every time, maybe even better than reality, but not hyper-realistic or over-edited. I can create any type of look by request, but I believe that "clean and vivid" will never go out of style. Who knows, in 10 years, some of us may look back and shake our heads, saying, "I can't believe we liked that (insert trendy term here) style so much."


I'm eager to hear about your big plans for your special day. I'm pumped about getting to know you and your fiance. Visit the Contact page of my website, or just give me a call!